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Children of Phoenix 2022 Scholarship Round


Scholarships for 2022 are Now Closed


Children of Phoenix Scholarship applications are open to Australian Residents that are survivors of childhood sexual assault, who are ready to continue or further their education.

Applicants need to demonstrate how their education was disrupted as a consequence of childhood abuse to help the Scholarship Committee assess applications.  Children of Phoenix scholarships are provided for primary school, high school, university and also vocational/adult community education levels.


NOTE:  Applicants MUST be enrolled in a school or course of study OR BE ACCEPTED into and ready to commence a registered education facility/course in order to apply for a scholarship.

Applications close: November 1st, 2021

Our Vision:

Children of Phoenix, is an empathetic and trusted National Organisation focused on:

  • Effecting legal and policy reform to ensure fair and equitable treatment of survivors of sexual abuse
  • Promoting the value of education in rebuilding life after abuse
  • Facilitating educational opportunities for survivors of sexual abuse

Our Values:

Client focus
To deliver specialized, quality and ongoing support to members of the community through sensitive responses to the needs of all clients.

To offer a comfortable, appropriate and safe environment; operating with the upmost discretion, security and privacy.

Integrity and Empathy
A commitment to serving with honesty, respect, trust, care and compassion.

To treat all with fairness and integrity.

To provide continual education, direction and guidance to the wider community on issues of child sexual abuse.

What Children of Phoenix Scholarships can and cannot be used to fund:

Primary School

✔ School uniforms; camps and excursions; after school programs and extracurricular activities; sport; transport to and from school; tutoring; school fees
✘ Computers  

High School

✔ Computer and/or internet access; items from book lists; uniforms; fees; extracurricular activities; clothing to a specified amount; excursions and camps; advice on  part time work opportunities; tutoring; travel passes.
✘ Mobile phones  


✔ Books and educational needs; fees (if mandatory & upfront);  travel passes; computer and/or internet access; relevant voluntary opportunities to extend work experience
✘ Living expenses; clothing

Other Training

✔ Fees; computer and internet; books and educational requirements of the course to be undertaken; travel costs related to study.
✘ Living expenses; clothing

Please note: Scholarships are capped and materials and fees funded will be limited to the maximum scholarship cap as set by the foundation.

How to apply for a scholarship:

Children of Phoenix can offer advice and assistance to applicants at any stage of this process. Applicants should not feel alone or isolated.

Step One
A counselor or other professional will need to complete the referee questionnaire with the survivor. It is preferred that the professional person is known to and is currently assisting the applicant. Unfortunately we cannot accept parents, guardians or other family members completing these forms.

Step Two
The survivor is to complete the applicant’s questionnaire with assistance from the professional person. Both this document and the referral document need to be either emailed or sent to Children of Phoenix together and must be received by the 1st November 2021.

Step Three
The Children of Phoenix Scholarship Committee will select potential scholarship recipients from the applications received.

Step Four
An informal interview will be conducted with potential scholarship recipients by the members of the scholarship working party.  

Step Five
All applicants will receive notification as to whether the request for assistance has been successful for the current funding round.

For information and assistance in completing your application form contact Children of Phoenix on:

Email: scholarships@childrenofphoenix.org

Write: Attn: Scholarships, P.O. Box 8191, Croydon.  Victoria.  3136.


To download a copy of the 2022 Scholarship application, please click here:  





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