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ACTION ALERT: It’s Go Time! 9th June 2022!


#BeBrave Global Day of Action


On June 9, survivors, survivor networks and our allies are rallying together for the Brave Movement’s #BeBrave Global Day of Action. Together we’ll be putting pressure on G7 leaders, ahead of the G7 Summit on June 26-28 in Bavaria Germany. 


BREAKING NEWS: This week in Brussels, Belgium, for the first time in public, the German Government made a commitment to prioritize the fight to end childhood sexual violence during its G7 Presidency:

Excerpt of Statement by Markus Richter, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community, Government of Germany: 


WeProtect Global Alliance Summit, 

Brussels, Belgium, 

June 2, 2022


“The fight against sexual abuse of children is not a fight for a single nation. It is (a fight) for the international level.  We need to work closely together to improve our systems, processes, and instruments to do so……The German Government is putting this topic on the top of the list of its Presidency of the G7 and therefore we will also work together on how we can improve, how we can develop more efficient networks and new instruments to fight against this situation we are facing……We will stand together against this.” 



Additionally, we officially confirmed that the draft G7 Communiqué includes a direct reference to stepping up again against child sexual violence on and offline.  Now we have less than 4 weeks to turn those positive words into the concrete detailed commitments that we have in our own brave proposed G7 communiqué language which we signed off yesterday.  

Action Opportunity:

Please share the updated and final version of our Brave G7 communiqué language with G7 Heads of State, Sherpas, and advisors and please request a meeting with them.  You can find some suggested language for emails/letters here.

Action Opportunity: G7 Petition:

Please push our G7 petition to end childhood sexual violence, now is your chance! It’s in English, Spanish, French, German, Hindi, Japanese and Italian.  Over 66,000 people have signed so add your signature and share widely with your networks!



We invite you and your networks to join us on June 9 in making noise, asking G7 leaders to be brave and to listen to our demands. Around the world, survivor advocates will be putting up purple commemorative plaques to remember survivors of childhood sexual violence, holding rallies outside embassies and writing letters to ambassadors to ask them to be brave.

Get lots of tips and tools in this #BeBrave Global Day of Action Toolkit. In the toolkit, you’ll see draft language for the social media templates of the purple commemorative plaques.

I know we are asking a lot of you over the coming weeks, but we have a unique chance to have a serious global impact.  Much appreciation to everyone for all of the hard work underway.

Yours sincerely,


Dr. Paul Zeitz

Brave Movement

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