Cupcake Morning Tea Fundraiser

Children of Phoenix would like to thank Safeway Sebastapol who are sponsoring the cup cake morning tea by baking and hand decorating our cup cakes.

Children of Phoenix Organisation invites you to please help us by hosting a cup cake morning tea fundraiser on Wednesday, September 10 to coincide with Child Protection Week, September 7 -13 2014.

  • Host a morning or afternoon tea at your work place on Wednesday September 10 for work colleagues and friends or members of the public
  • Cup Cakes cost $5 each and are individually hand-made and iced and Children of Phoenix volunteers will deliver them to your work place OR host a morning tea with your own cup-cakes and raise funds for a great cause.
  • Every dollar raised goes towards funding our scholarship programs.
  • All monies raised go towards funding our scholarship and mentor programs. Our scholarships provide to those whose educational pathways have been compromised or lost as a consequence of the impacts of childhood sexual abuse. Remember: Children of Phoenix  is a locally based, volunteer based registered charity with DGR status.
  • Please, help a most worthy local charity simply by hosting and/or taking part in this inaugural charity event of a  cup cake morning tea.
  • Host a morning or after tea to remind us all of the vulnerability and preciousness of children, and our role in protecting and nurturing them.

To get more information or register to host a morning tea at your office or home please contact Children of Phoenix at

Discover Sailing

We are pleased to announce a new sailing scholarship which will include access to courses run by qualified instructors at the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria.

Read a recent article written by our board member Kathy Macfarlane on this wonderful and exciting opportunity…

Other than my family and friends, there are 3 things in life I’m passionate about;

  1. Helping those who have been silenced to find a voice
  2. Education
  3. Sailing

I’ve been involved with Children of Phoenix since 2009, when I met board members at a Teddy Bears’ picnic fundraiser in the Ballarat region. (Did I mention I’m also passionate about teddy bears?) Immediately, the purpose and goals of the foundation resonated with two of the things on my list. I’m delighted to be able to bring my third passion into the picture now, and share the joy of sailing with others.

I began sailing as a toddler with my family in our small dinghy on the beaches of Mornington Peninsula. As a teenager I competed at state and national level with my brother; sailing was definitely the catalyst that helped us find our way past the usual sibling bickering to a close and lasting relationship. Many of my best memories are from this time; watching dolphins swimming in our bow wake, often so close I could almost reach down and touch them. There’s something magical about being on the water, being dependent on the wind to get where you want to go. You may learn to master the art of sailing but a good sailor knows you can never master the elements; numerous outings in less than favourable weather have taught me that lesson. But they’ve also challenged me; stretched me beyond what I thought I was capable of and shown me that I can do more.

Fast forward to adult life and it was these memories of sailing and the confidence it instilled in me that anchored me through some turbulent years. More recently, with my own children grown up I have been able to return to the sport I love and 2 years ago purchased a 10.5 metre Elliott; a fast, exciting racing yacht which is immense fun to sail but also very challenging. I compete in club and inter-club events, in particular all of the women’s keelboat sailing events at the top end of the bay. Last season I decided to rename the boat as a means of raising awareness for the foundation and hopefully, in the long term, some much-needed scholarship dollars. We have competed as ‘Children of Phoenix’, along with signage and team uniforms for the past 12 months. Although I’ve been sailing for over 40 years, boat ownership and helming is new for me. Many of my crew are new to sailing and none have been participating for more than a few seasons. ‘Children of Phoenix’ needs a crew of 7 – 8 for racing, so for me the aim was to gather a group of women who were keen to learn, teach them some new skills, hopefully improve our performance but above all have fun and ensure that everyone enjoyed the experience.

The results have been beyond my wildest imaginings; we recently won our Division in the Australian Women’s Keelboat Regatta earlier this year but most importantly, many of the crew who have been on board along the way have expressed how it has been a life-changing experience for them, with the confidence it has helped them develop. At the end of last season I approached my yacht club (Royal Yacht Club of Victoria, Williamstown) and was delighted that they were enthusiastic about sponsoring a sailing scholarship for Children of Phoenix Foundation. The scholarship will include access to courses run by qualified instructors at the club as well as opportunities to sail and participate in racing on board Children of Phoenix. All necessary equipment will be supplied and no prior experience is necessary.

If you’d like to learn some new skills and meet some new friends please submit an application form… I look forward to welcoming you on the water!

Kathy Macfarlane




The Suzanne Burnham Scholarship

Children of Phoenix Organisation wish to announce the new Suzanne Burnham Scholarship in honour of the memory of Suzanne.  This scholarship, sponsored to celebrate the memory of Suzanne, will commence in our 2014-2015 round that will open later this year.

Board Member Retirements

Two of our board members have recently retired from their roles.  Kevin Carson was a founding board member on Children of Phoenix serving (2008 to December 2013).  Kevin has been a great contributor to the board and we thank him sincerely for his efforts and support.  He will continue to be a Friend of Children of Phoenix.

Helen Schiele (2010- 2013) has also made a wonderful contribution to the board during her term and again we extend our sincere thanks and wish her well for the future.

Upcoming Workshops and Training

Children of Phoenix are delighted to be providing Personal Development Workshops for Catholic Education Staff aligned with Victorian Teaching Standards in regards to sexual abuse.  To compliment these professional workshops for Education Staff, Children of Phoenix will provide community awareness workshops for the Ballarat community.  Specifically to demystify community perceptions of child sexual abuse in terms of its prevalence and the context where most abuse occurs and making the community feel more confident and empowered to respond to victims and be proactive about the issue of child sexual abuse in our community.

Roteract Movie Night

Children of Phoenix has been selected as a local charity of choice by the Ballarat Roteracts for 2014 for support.  To kick the year off early a movie night was held on Thursday 19th December by Roteract.  Children of Phoenix are looking forward to an ongoing partnership of support with Roteract throughout 2014.

Reclaiming our City Awareness Walk around Lake Wendouree 

Reclaiming our community Awareness Walk around Lake Wendouree in  September 2013 was a hugely successful event in raising the awareness of sexual abuse.  The walk involved approximately 200 people including local school children, general community, local service providers, Police and survivors of Clergy sexual abuse in Ballarat.

It was evident that the Awareness walk needs to become a regular event to remember the victims of sexual abuse who have lost their lost lives as a result of their trauma.  It is hoped that during Child Protection Week the Reclaiming our City Awareness can become and inaugural event in Ballarat.

Training Seminar 

The training seminar was attended by 40 professionals based in Ballarat, Melton and Bacchus Marsh within the education sector, nursing, counselling and welfare areas.  The feedback received on the day of training reinforced the demand for best practice evidence based training and the urgent need within the Ballarat area.

Reclaiming our city awareness walk

Friday 6th September 2013 1-3 pm

Lake Wendouree commencing at the Olympic Rings Wendouree Parade.

COST: Donation

The walk will include local school children, general community, local service providers and survivors of abuse.  There is no way of forgetting what happend to children in Ballarat.  However, we as a Community have a responsibility to protect our children from abuse into the future and ensure Ballarat’s past is never repeated.  We as a Community have a responsibility to protect children from abuse.  The Awareness walk coincides with Child Protection Week 1st – 7th September 2013.

Children of Phoenix in a symbolic reclaiming of our city from the abuse, will invite school children, survivors, community members and professionals to write positive affirmations on ribbons.

Working with survivors of sexual abuse

Monday 2nd September 2013 1-4pm

Ballarat Golf Club

1800 Sturt Street Ballarat

Professor Caroline Taylor AM, is internationally renowned for her research, contribution to legal reform, and campaigning for survivors of sexual abuse.  This Training Seminar will be provided to Ballarat Agencies and the Ballarat Community to ensure Ballarat is leading the way in best practice, responsive intervention to ensure that survivors of sexual abuse are provided with best practice intervention in accordance with their individual needs

COST $50 per person

Early Group Booking Discount – Booking and Payment required by Friday 23rd August

5 people – $40 per person

10 people – $35 per person

20 people – $30 per person

30 people – $25 per person

Children of Phoenix 2012 Scholarship Round

Children of Phoenix are pleased to announce that they have awarded a total of $15,000 in scholarships to individuals whose lives and educational pursuits have been disrupted as a consequence of childhood sexual abuse.  The foundation has awarded a number of scholarships to children, adolescents and adults to either continue with their education or re-access education in order they may realise their full potential.  Without the support of a scholarship and individual mentoring provided by the foundation these children and adults would not be in a position to continue with, or re-access quality education pathways.

Founder and Chair of the charity, Professor Caroline Taylor AM said that education is a basic human right that should never be denied anyone but for so many children who experience sexual violence their educational development and opportunities are often severely compromised or lost as a resource, leaving children and young people bereft of the life opportunities that are paramount to helping one rebuild a life that has been impacted upon by childhood sexual violence.  Applicants from the wider Ballarat area and Western region were prominent recipients as well as applicants from Melbourne and one interstate applicant.

Children of Phoenix is proud of its ongoing commitment to provide tangible supports that lead to positive, lifelong growth outcomes for children and young people. However the foundation needs the support of local businesses and community groups to sustain their work and would like businesses and business leaders to come on board and offer scholarship funding.

Professor Caroline Taylor AM Ceremony

Professor Caroline Taylor AM receives her honor at the investiture ceremony at Government House, April 20, 2012 to present her with her medal as a Member of the Order of Australia (AM).

Click this link to visit our gallery which has images from the event.


Professor Caroline Taylor honoured in Australia Day Awards

Ballarat’s Professor Caroline Taylor honoured in Australia Day awards.
IT’S difficult to think of someone more deserving of an appointment as a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) than Professor Caroline Taylor.
Professor Taylor is widely regarded as an expert in the field of sexual violence, child abuse and domestic violence, the criminal justice response to survivors, and social models of trauma and recovery.

Herself a victim of long-term sexual abuse, Professor Taylor was pulled out of school at year 9 but went on to support herself throughout university and complete a PhD for which she received the prestigious Jean Martin Award from The Australian Sociological Association for the most outstanding PhD in social sciences.

Professor Taylor has worked tirelessly to provide support to children, adolescents and adults affected by childhood sexual abuse.

In 2004, she founded a charity organisation, Children of Phoenix, which provides education and training scholarships to survivors of sexual assault.

She has also written several books and journal articles, and her work and advocacy has helped support law reform in a number of Australian jurisdictions.

Professor Taylor provides specialist evidence in child abuse cases and sexual offence proceedings, and works with police across the country to improve their response, investigation and management of sexual offences.

She also works with international bodies such as the United Nations and Interpol. She hopes her appointment as AM will bring greater support to survivors of sexual and domestic abuse.

“I’m very humbled, I really am, but my greatest hope is that it helps profile the issue better,” she said.

Link to original article in The Courier.

Readers comments…

Very deserving, congrats Caroline.

Posted by kudos, 26/01/2012 3:21:55 AM, on The Ballarat Courier

Congratulations to a wonderful person whose passion and energy have done so  much to challenge and change ingrained prejudices, social and legal, surrounding issues of sexual abuse in children, domestic violence against women.   Caroline’s research and writing have also  raised awareness of overall human rights issues for those members of society who are often powerless and voiceless.

Posted by Hamelot, 26/01/2012 12:33:14 PM, on The Ballarat Courier

Congratulations Caroline and rightly recognised for  your dedicated, highly professional and undaunting commitment to people who have been subjected to childhood sexual abuse and those children in our community that are at risk of being like abused.

Posted by Gary Hunt, 27/01/2012 12:38:04 AM, on The Ballarat Courier

Congratulations Caroline. You have been a tireless advocate for abused children. It is an honor to be your colleague and I look forward to our further collaborations. You are truly a gem  and so worthy of this prestigious recognition. Well done my friend
Detective Bob Shilling, Chair INTERPOL
Specialists Group on Crimes against Children

Posted by Bob Shilling, 27/01/2012 2:36:28 AM, on The Ballarat Courier

It is wonderful to see Caroline’s work acknowledged in this way.As a Survivor of childhood sexual abuse and someone who benefited enormously from her book ‘Surviving the Legal System’, I am hugely thankful to Caroline and inspired by her. BIG CONGRATS – much respect and admiration.  : )

Posted by Craig, 27/01/2012 5:42:43 PM, on The Ballarat Courier

A truly inspiring example of a ‘victim’ becoming a Survivor, helping other ‘victims’ to do the same, all the while exposing and challenging a legal system skewed in favour of perpetrators. Keep up the great work Caroline. And thank you!

Posted by David Lunt, 27/01/2012 11:22:28 PM, on The Ballarat Courier

The world is a safer place for other little girls and boys thanks to you and your tireless work.  Go get me girl!

Posted by Will&lizzie, 28/01/2012 6:52:40 PM, on The Ballarat Courier

Thank you Caroline – you have achieved so much and helped so many others in the process. Very best wishes, June

Posted by June, 29/01/2012 2:41:31 AM, on The Ballarat Courier


Congratulations Caroline for all the hard work and dedication for without your heartfelt passion and brilliant brain many survivors such as myself would never have had a voice. If not for you and your wonderful foundation I would never have had the opportunitiy to go back to school and learn the skills needed to turn my life around. I cant thank you enough. You are a beautiful person inside and out.

Posted by V., 30/01/2012 10:49:31 AM, on The Ballarat Courier
i have worked with caroline for the past 14 months as a researcher in sexual assault issues and she has always impressed as one of the finest human beings. i hope this award will assist her endeavours to rid us of this particular blight. congratulations caroline and it is good to see that our decision makers are acknowledging the issues of importance in this way too.
shane muldoon

Posted by shane muldoon, 30/01/2012 11:40:44 AM, on The Ballarat Courier

‘Aphrodite Wounded’ medal

Louise thank you very much for the ‘Aphrodite Wounded’ medal which honors those who have experienced and overcome childhood sexual violence. I really appreciate your kind words and thoughts. I invite others to nominate someone they care about or admire for this same medal.
Warmest thanks,

Professor S. Caroline Taylor AM (more…)

Vicki Biggs, Children Of Phoenix Scholarship Recipient

Vicki Biggs has just completed her Business Administration studies with the help of a Children Of Phoenix Scholarship, Vicki writes.

“My name is Vicki Biggs and as a recent recipient of one of your scholarships, I am writing this letter to you to say a huge thank you to you for creating this wonderful foundation.

Without your foresight I would never have had the opportunity to go to school and learn all the wonderful things that doing my Certificate 3 in Business Administration included.”

Read more of her heart warming letter of thanks here.